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To my regular and loyal customers

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It is with bittersweet emotions to inform you all that  after many months of consideration I have decided to put my salon up for sale and return to California. Nothing was more miraculous to me than finding myself the owner of a salon in the heart of Sag Harbor and nothing was more devastating than starting that experience when Covid arrived. Everything I thought I wanted changed once I could no longer go home or see my family. It only got worse when I lost my best friend before being able to see him again.  Now, my parents are at a place where they need me closer and I must go. This sale may take some time, a few months or a year. I would prefer someone who can ease in and integrate well with my clients so that is my goal. Fingers crossed.
I feel like I have created another kind of family here at the salon and we have all developed relationships I greatly value, but now I must choose and I know you all understand because you are wonderful people. I am grateful to have met and come to know so many of you and consider you more than clients.
Regardless of when it sells or to who, I'm planning on staying on for several months to help with the transition so that your needs are met and your services are not interrupted. 
I will continue to remain in the area for this time and off and on thereafter until the transition is complete to everyones satisfaction.
And I will carry you with me wherever I go. 

Update-I have a possible buyer who is a friend of mine and Hayley's which would allow a smoother transition and I will stay on as an employee (part time so as to travel back home) to help facilitate a more pain free transition for everyone.
It is not yet 100% confirmed, but I am hopeful as this would be the ideal situation.
I imagine I will remain off and on in Sag Harbor till at least the end of the year.
Thank you all for your kindness and support.

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