There will be a price increase due to the time involved in sanitation between clients and the investments I have had to make to ensure clients health. I am giving you advanced notice. Prices will go up slightly in the Fall. 

List of Services








Haircuts and Styling

Men's Detailed haircut- $45.00-$50.00
Long hair- $85.00-$100.00
Children under 11- $45.00-$60.00

Children 11 and up - starts at $65.00-$85.00

Shampoo and Blow-dry starts at $50.00-$60.00

Up-Do's and formal styling- starts at $85.00-$100.00
Tinsel strands and accessories start at $10.00

*Veterans receive 10% discount








Single Process (no blow)-$90.00-$120.00

Single Process and blowdry-$130.00

Extra color-$10.00

Glaze with blowdry-$120.00

Mens color-$40.00-$60.00

Full head highlights- starts at $250.00

Half Head highlights-starts at $175.00

Partial highlights-$125.00

Baby Lights full head-starts at $275.00
Baby Lights partial-starts at $200.00
Platinum Card-starts at $300.00

Balayage-starts at $175.00

Ombre-starts at $175.00

Foilayage-starts $225.00

Root shadow-$70.00

Color melt-starts at $175.00

Color fresh-starts at $45.00
Fantasy Colors-starts at $120.00/$150.00
Imprinting-(coming soon)

Color correction-based on consultation 
Custom Color-based on consultation










Extras and add ons

Malibu treatments (removal of metals, color, 
well-water minerals, chlorine...) $50.00
Hair Extensions-priced upon consultation

Certified Hair Extensions


Hot Fusion
*Home Services start at twice the in-shop prices plus travel fees














Complete Pedicure-$60.00
Complete Manicure-$30.00

Set of Gels-$50.00/soak off $15.00
Hard Gel Extensions-$100.00
Set of tips-$60.00
Tips with Gel-$120.00
Nail Veneers-$40.00

*Home services start at $150.00 for the first 2 hours and go up $100.00 each hour there forward.



Elegant Man
Woman with Long Grey Hair
Flower in Hair
Manicured Hands