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List of Services
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*due to the yearly increase in my shop rent, there will be an annual price adjustment to all services

Jr. Stylist/Owner
Haircuts and Styling
Men's Scissor Cut-$45.00/$55.00
Clipper Cut-$35.00/$45.00

Women's standard- $85.00/$95.00
(includes blow-dry)
Children 5-15- $40.00/$60.00
*Children under 5-$70.00
(due the the challenges with this age the price is higher)

*$55.00/$75.00 with blow-dry
Wash and Blow-dry starts at $55.00 

Color with Davines or Kevin Murphy
Single Process (no blow)-$80.00/$100.00
Single Process and blow dry-$120.00/$140.00
Single Process, Glaze and blow dry-$160.00/$180.00

Extra color-$25.00
Mens color-$40.00/$50.00
Color Correction/Artificial Dye Removal-$450.00 and up
High Lift Foil Weave-$200.00
High Lift Double Process-$250.00

Full Head Foil Highlights- starts at $275.00
Half Head Foil Highlights-starts at $150.00/$200.00
Partial Foil Highlights-$120.00/$150.00
Full Head Baby Lights-starts at $350.00
Half Head Baby Lights-starts at $200.00/$275.00

Partial Baby Lights -starts at $150.00/$200.00

Balayage-starts at $200.00
Full Blonding Balayage-$275.00

Root shadow add on-$30.00
Toner add on-$60.00
*all lightening services include Olaplex
and toner/glaze if needed.



Oxo Organic Keratin Treatment-$350.00/3 hours
(can shampoo immediately after and lasts 3-5 months)
Oxo Organic Keratin Treatment and Single Process-$450.00/4 hours
(straightening with color immediately after all in one sitting)
Keratin Complex Natural Straightening-$350.00/3 hours 
(24 hour gap till shampoo)
Keratin Complex Defrizzing Pro-Blowout-$250.00/2 hours














Hair Treatments 


Malibu C Crystal Gel

The perfect pre-treatment for all chemical services, this treament creates the perfect blank canvas. It is strongly recommended for all first-time clients before their coloror chemical services to ensure consistent results.

Crystal Gel gently removes mineral buildup from the hair and does damage the hair. However, Crystal Gel does reveal the damage that a buildup of oxidizers and minerals have caused once removed.
That is why it must be followed up with Miracle Repair. Removing minerals from the hair leaves behind holes and gaps in the hair shaft. 
Miracle Repair is formulated with positively charged proteins at various molecular weights that seek out and fill in these damaged areas of the hair. Miracle Repair will not weigh hair down, instead restoring strength to the innter structure of the hair, infusing moisture to the hair to increase natural shine, softness and manageability.
45-60 minutes/$50.00 no blowdry
$100.00 with a blowdry

$20.00 as an add on to a service

Double Detox

A great option to cleanse the city out of your hair!

A combination of Davines' Purity Mask applied to your scalp, and Malibu C Crystal Gel detix applied to your lengths.

Davines Purity Mask is a bamboo charcoal and Matcha tea extract mask created to remove impurities caused by environmental pollution.

Malibu C Crystal Gel removes minerals, medicinal and environmental buildup.

45-60 minutes/$75.00 without blowdry

$125.00 with blowdry

Malibu C Swimmer's Wellness Treatment

Swimming is great for your body, but hard on your hair. 

Often leaving behind green discoloration, and chlorine odor.

Yes, even salt water pools can have this impact on your hair.

Chemicals and minerals in the water attach to your hair, oxidizes other elements like copper to lead to dry, brittle hair that tangles easily and discolors.

Swimmers Wellness will remove the elements and restore your hair to its natural shine, color and manageability.

20 minutes/$50.00 no blowdry

$75.00 with a blowdry

$25.00 add on 

Malibu C Hard Water Wellness

Is your hair rough, dry, lifeless and dull?

Hard water is hard on your hair.

Hard water contains various elements, including minerals, metals, and chemicals.

These attach to your like magnets, creating numerous negative effects on your hair.

This treatment will draw out even the hard-to-budge hard water mineral deposits with a crystallized vitamin C.

Regular use helps prevent future deposits of malicious minerals while removing discoloration and brassiness caused by iron or copper.

Purifying your hair allows you to get better results with any chemical service including color, highlights, perms, keratin or relaxers.

20 minutes/$50.00 no blowdry

$75.00 with a blowdry

$20.00 add on

Bespoke Davines Circle Chronicles Mask

Quick Fix

This hair mask that provides express moisture, detangling and shine in only three minutes. 

Features red clay and hyaluronic acid.

Let It Go:

Perfect mask for a de-stress treatment for your hair and mind. 

Features grey clay and brahmi oil


Illuminating hair mask designed to bring instant shine and brightness to hair, enhancing natural or cosmetic color.

Perfect for adding shine to your blow out for a special occasion.

Features moranga oil.


A repairing hair mask for brittle and damaged hair.

Features yellow clay and babassu butter.


Hair and scalp day-after recovery and reinvigorating hair mask

that gives stressed hair its energy and volume.

Perfect for after special events where your hair was formally styled.

Features purple clay and rhodora extract.

25 minutes/$25.00 add on service








Complete Pedicure-$80.00/60minutes
Complete Manicure-$30.00/50 minutes

Gels Manicure-$55.00/soak off $25.00
Hard Gel Extensions-$150.00/2 hours

Soft Gel Tips-$100.00/2 hours
IBX Nail Repair System-$15.00 add on
I am licenced in CA and NY as a top Nail Tech with 30 years experience in spa and nail health and my services are always detailed, thorough, and excellent. I use only the best eco-products and provide the most attentive care. 


Keratin recovery and treatment with professional iron tool. Laminated long dark shiny hair
Man Getting Hair Washed
Wavy Hair
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