Covid-19 Plan

The Plan

                                  I work alone at the salon

by appointments only, no walk-ins.

There is an online appointment book which is available on the website


you can call and leave a message.


*Only one client allowed inside the salon at a time, unless family members who live together. 

Hands free sanitizer stations at door and bathroom. 
Disposable masks are available.


home services available under certain circumstances which will have a different price point.


UV disinfecting cabinet for all tools, brushes, combs as well as multiple tools so no cleaning between clients will be needed.


A wall vacuum where all hair and floor debris will be swept into instead of touching dustpans and trashcans.


A state of the art air-filtering system that removes 99.9% of all virus, bacteria and fungus particles throughout the salon.


*I have always used disposable/single use nail files and pushers and will continue to do so. All hot towels will be disinfected in UV light.


*the bathroom will have handsfree soap dispensers, trashcans and sanitizer and will be disinfected between clients.


*No customer who has any signs or symptoms of illness (Covid or otherwise) will be allowed into the salon. No coughing, sneezing….  If you have allergies as I do, please take whatever meds will keep you from sneezing long enough to get through the service or wait until you are recovered from whatever ails you.


*The salon will be completely sanitized at the end of each day floors to ceiling and everything in between. All tools, towels, masks, gowns laundered, sanitized and prepared for the next day. 

*Our door knobs, cc machines, pens.... will be regularly wiped down between guests.

I want you to feel safe, comfortable and trusting that we care about the lives of customers and their families, friends and beyond.

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