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Japanese Head Spa

This is a customized treatment that focuses specifically on the health of your scalp and hair. Combining traditional ancient Indian and Japanese techniques with a scalp assessment, deep cleanse, exfoliation of dead skin,  product buildup, oils and dirt, essential oils massage, removal of inflammation and muscle tension, with a combination of applicable, curated hair masks, steam, massage, hydration, rejuvenation and stimulation. 
It is basically a luxurious massage and facial for your head! 
Considering the vast majority of your bodies nerves are consolidated in your head, hands and feet this is the primary area for relaxation. This is a wonderful place to start or end your day. 
The bonus of having a Head Spa inside a private salon means that you leave relaxed, de-stressed  and  polished...quite literally with nail and hair services to ensure that you look as fabulous as you feel. 



All treatments include steam, deep cleansing of pools and follicles, exfoliation, essential oil massage and hydration.

Water Therapy

A soft and light waterfall or water streams both massaging and cleansing your scalp.



Hair and scalp concerns including oiliness, dryness, dandruff, Eczema, *hair thinning or loss, dermatitis, headaches, product buildup, hard water and well water damage.....

*we do not guarantee a change in hair growth as these things are caused by a variety of issues including DNA.

Shirodhara Therapy

is an ancient relaxed head massage that includes an oil fountain falling on your Crown Chakra

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